Crash of Boeing 777 and the fake in the Malaysian school system.

“If evidence shows the plane was shot down, then we demand the responsible party to be brought to face justice.”

This is a statement of the Malaysian Prime Minister- Najib Razak- after the crush of the airplane of Malaysian Airlines and when the whole world looked at Malaysia. In the Malaysian news you could see how Australian politicans, but also Barack Obama, claimed that there would be consequences if it came out that Russia- this means Putin- was responsible for the crash.

The crush of another airplane of Malaysian Airlines shocked the malaysian population. You could sense different kind of feelings: grief, anger, dissappointment, but also concern about the future.

I talked to my host mum about the possible consequences. We asked ourselves how these could look like and concluded that there could be a war between several nations- not only between Russia and Ukraine, which should be bad enough. When will humandkind learn of its past and recognize that wars are no solution?

During this talk my host brother started laughing. The imagination of a war seemed to be amusing to him. Its no wonder. Wars are glorified in many movies which are shown in the cinemas.

One example is “The Expendables”, which I watched in the cinema while I heard a child crying.

But this was not the most shocking part. The most shocking part was when my host mum explained that the government decided to replace history lessons by teachings of Islam. I really like getting to know Islam and widening my horizon- otherwise I wouldn´t study “Comparative Cultural and Religious Studies“ with focus on Islam, but banning historical events and characters from education is dire. Children are growing up without any knowledge about important historical events. There weren´t even press releases about the arab spring.

In addition to the history lessons, geopraphy isn´t better. Children only learn something about Malaysia in school.


I really can´t understand why children- who are the future- are educated in this way, but I guess one possibiliy is that the government is scared of revolutions. Within the last years the opposition got stronger and stronger and nearly won the last election. The side-effect of this was that the trial against the opposition Leader- Anwar Ibrahim- was continued. He´s accued of sodomy and corruption, but also this shows that the government is scared. Show me one politican who is not corrupt. Are all these people getting arrested and convicted for years?

Najib Razak- the Prime Minister (left) and Anwar Ibrahim- the opposition leader (right).
Najib Razak- the Prime Minister (left) and Anwar Ibrahim- the opposition leader (right).

But back to the failing school system: If people knew which fundamental changes happened because of the greatest revolutions our time, they could get the idea to rebel as well. I guess the government tries to avoid this kind of thinking to remain the power. Lets see, how long they will be successful.

A friend of mine summarized the malaysian school system really well by saying:„ The government attends to keep our people dumb.“



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