“Don’t sing. Simply don’t sing!”

Free like a bird?
Free like a bird?

Many Malaysians told me that its dangerous to critize the government or the judicial system while you´re in Malaysia and that other people gave up on it, because nothing would be changed in this country.

I admire the people who are engaging in human rights, although friends or themselves got arrested and convicted for their political engagement. Nevertheless these people believe in change and didn´t give up fighting for a better future.

Ambiga Sreenevasan: feminist, human rights activist, former Bar Council Member and Bersih Leader- everything united in one person.
Ambiga Sreenevasan: feminist, human rights activist, former Bar Council Member and Bersih Leader- everything united in one person.

At the same time it will be difficult to change Malaysia. To reach reforms, the majority of malaysian politicians should be exchanged by people who are willing to give everything for Malaysia rather than just looking for their personal profit.

People should never stop believing and losing faith, no matter how bad a situation might look like.

Even if the opposition took over the government, several problems would be caused. Different parties are represented in the opposition. Their common goal is to remove the coalition “Barisan Nasional”, but the combination of the parties within the opposition is quite difficult: One example is that one party is conservative Chinese, while another one is conservative Malay. The conservative Malay party wants to introduce shari´ah within the whole country, but Malaysia is a multicultural society with different religions and ways of life.

Another problem is the economy. How shall reforms be implemented if money is missing?

If you ignore the inner trouble,  the opposition has good goals: While B.N is claiming “Satu Malaysia!” but isn´t doing anything to unit the three races, opposition would remove Bumiputra, which would include equality of all ethnicities.


Where´s harmony and equality of all ethnicities, if government claims “Satu Malaysia”?

Furthermore opposition is promoting free education- a great step to improve economy. The more people are educated in a good way, the more people can contribute something to the economy of a country.

Disappointing is that the international focus isn´t put on Malaysia, especially not on human rights violations in Malaysia. International donations for malaysian NGOs decreased within the last years. The ignorance of the situation of human rights violations in Malaysia reaches so far that Malaysia was elected into the “United Human Rights Council” on 13th May 2010. Of course there exist countries with stronger human rights violations, but human rights are human rights and if one government isn´t respecting them, other nations should pay attention to it.

But: In Malaysia everything can. Boleh or not boleh- this is the question.




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