How wonderful is Barisan Nasional!

Oh yes, I love them! Barisan Nasional is the one coalition, which has ruled Malaysia since its independency in 1957. How they´ve managed it to get re-elected every time, although the opposition had more votes- for example in the last election- doesn´t have to be explained. Its so obvious and the government doesn´t even make the effort to hide it. How come there were blackouts during the last election?

The flag of Barisan Nasional. The photo was taken during my trip to Malaysia in 2013, shortly before the election started.
The flag of Barisan Nasional. The photo was taken during my trip to Malaysia in 2013, shortly before the election started.

Malaysians talk a lot about politics and exchange stories, but mostly when they´re in private, because its too dangerous to talk about these things in public. Shouldn´t be like this, if a country claims to be a democracy, shouldn´t it? People should have the freedom to talk about their opinions without the risk of getting arrested.

It was frustrating to see how the government treats its own people. Because I`ll attend an internship for a local Human Rights Organisation, I talked to some locals about it. Too many people are totally dissatisfied, because so many bad things are happening. One example is that homosexuals can get arrested for 25 years, same goes for murderers in Germany. The difference is that these people killed a humanbeing, homosexuality is just a sexual orientation.

Another example is an Australian company which disposes nuclear waste nearby Kuantan. Kuantan is a town in the federal state Pahang and is located at the East Coast of Malaysia. The Minister of the federal state Pahang signed the contract. Its all about money, isn´t it?

Another issue is that the Malay population has special privileges, for example scholarships. No one should forget that also Chinese and Indians are living in Malaysia.

Human rights, like freedom of expression or religion or press freedom are not given at all.


Its sad to see how desperate some people are talking about Malaysia, although I can understand them at the same time. They feel powerless and supressed, but can´t find ways to help themselves.

One chinese rapper, who had many conflicts with the Malaysian government.

There are enough deterrent examples of resistance: In July an Australin girl, who demonstrated against Lynas, was arrested and deported.

Many bad things which are happening in Malaysia stay in this country, because every form of media is strictly controlled and censored.





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