Is the “Internal Security Act” really gone?

Within the last weeks there have been many arrests because people spoke against the government or Islam. Its really easy for the government to remove political dissidents, even if these people aren´t harming anyone. Certain laws are giving legitimation to the government.

One law which gave the permission to arrest people without trial was the “Internal Securiy Act”, which was especially used during Mahathir bin Mohamads ruling.

Former Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad.
Former Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad.
Demonstration against the "Internal Security Act".
Demonstration against the “Internal Security Act”.

60 days were seen as investigation time- why do you need such a long time, if someone already is detained? After this 60 days the Home Minister had the power to extend the arrest for two years. After these two years the detention could be extended as again and again. How can a single person have so much power?

When Najib Razak became Prime Minister he removed ISA, but ISA is not really gone, because it was replaced by the Security Offences Special Measures Act (=SOSMA). Actually it should be used to “provide special measures relating to security offences for the purpose of maintaining public order and security and for connected matters.” But clearly its another law, which is used to keep people silent and to arrest those, who aren´t following the rules of the government. SOSMA is still in place and people are getting arrested completely arbitrary.


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