Ban Baram Dams.

People can imagine that animals or the environment, aren´t treated in a good way as long as there are human rights violations.

Since years people are protesting against Lynas, which is disposing nuclear waste nearby Kuantan- which is located at the east coast of Malaysia.


Radioactive waste endangers the health of humankind and futher generations and the environment- BUT you can get a lot of money by allowing countries- like Australia- to dispose radioactive waste. Another example in which industrial nations are disposing their rubbish in a developing or ermerging country.

Business is a good thing, especially for a government which isn´t caring for their people at all, but is totally corrupt.

During my internship, the organisation for which I worked and other Non- Governmental organisations planned a demonstration against the building of the Baram Dams in Sarawak and Sabah.

Borneo ist oestlich vom malaysischen Festland.
barak dam
One of the Baram Dams.

Through the building of the Baram Dams and its linked infrastructure, livinghoods of the Orang Aslis are devasted. These people would be deported as soon as the building starts. They would lose the land of their ancestors and their culture, which is based on this land. How do you get the idea to force people living in appartements, who are used to live in the jungle?

orang asli

Moreoever big parts of the rain forest would be deforested which goes ahead with the destroying of its biodiversity. Sabah and Sarawak are livinghood for Orang Utans.

I witnessed a demonstration in Malaysia.

The demonstration against the building of the Baram Dams took place nearby one of the most popular shopping Malls in Malaysia. Probably it’s the most famous one, because it´s located in front of the Petrona Twin Towers. Foreigners aren´t allowed to participate in demonstrations because the Malaysian government doesn´t want them to interfere in politics. In July 2014 an Australian was arrested for attending a demonstration against the Australian company Lynas.

Because of this I was told not to get involved directly, but I was allowed to attend as an observer and took pictures. The demonstrators met one hour before the beginning of the actual demonstration to talk about the process and to receive instructions in case police would interfere in form of arrests. Banners and megaphones were hid until the press arrived. At 11 pm the demonstration started. Several people, e.g. leaders of “Save Rivers” hold speeches, the Orang Aslis were singing and people tried to get public´s attention.

Baram dam


Baram dam demo

Luckily police didn´t show up and arrests could be avoided, but when the group moved in front to KLCC there were problems with the security of the shopping mall. Although the people were demonstrating in the most peaceful way security guards didn´t want to cause attention in front of this famous building and told the people to remove banners and stop sharing out leaflets.

The imagination of people getting arrested just because of an assembly and sharing thoughts with the public is scary. At the same time it was a great feeling to experience a demonstration in Malaysia and observing these brave people, who are doing everything to protect their home land.



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