What do you sacrifice for love?

Its no secret that I fell in love with Malaysia in 2012. This relationship has belonged to my life until today. It experienced ups and downs, but I guess these belong to a strong love.

One thing I really love about Malaysia is its Multiculturalism.
One thing I really love about Malaysia is its Multiculturalism.

To strenghten this love, I decided to do an internship for a local Human Rights Organisation. Malaysia has a lot of potential, but is spoiled by the political system. Human rights are violated and ignored and economy has decreased within the last years. While prices for everything are increasing, the salary remains the same. Followed by this, the crime rate has increased, which is no wonder- somehow people have to get food for themselves and their families. Through the increasing crime rate, the laws got stricter.


If you love, you sacrifice. The question is how much you give up on yourself.

Since I`m in Malaysia I realized that I did at least five things which are seen as “illegal”. No one in Germany would pay attention to it, because its ridiculous to spend so much energy on it and there are more important things to look after, but in Malaysia its different.

Some of these things are

Facebook posts, which are indirectly critizing the government.

the blog, which is critizing the Malaysian government as well.

It´s really hard to get rid of critical thinking and try to stop talking openly about your thoughts. Some people told me that I´m not careful enough and that I could get into trouble, but with a German mindset its difficult to adapt. My parents raised me by teaching me critical thinking, which is also central in the german education system.

Because of several aspects I started thinking about life in prison, which must be horrible! The conditions in malaysian prisons are inhuman.

Other conflicts are that you never know who you can trust; that some people end political discussions to protect themselves; that arab spring is taboo to talk about and that foreigners aren´t allowed to attend demonstrations by the government. I still hope that I can attend demonstrations with issues which are concerning me.


“Suara” means “voice”. I have no bigger wish than raising my voice but I recognize how my voice is getting lower and weaker. I hope it will never quiten down.



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