“Satu Malaysia!”

One campaign of the government to fight racism and create social unity is called “1Malaysia” (= One Malaysia). “1Malaysia!” is an on-going program which was designed by the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in 2010.


The main idea of “1Malaysia!” is to emphasize ethnic harmony between the Malaysians. Besides that it should create national unity and make the government to work in an efficient way. Many  politicians are corrupt. Malaysia is only one example: Taxes are paid, but no one knows where the money is going to. Obviously it isn´t used to improve the living conditions of the Malaysians. You could get the feeling that there´s a black hole which is absorbing the money.

One of the "1Malaysia!" shops.
One of the “1Malaysia!” shops.

Funds of “1Malaysia!” are invested in “1Malaysia!” shops. In these shops you can find cheap products. Sounds nice, but people should look behind the veneer: First of all no one controls which people are buying goods in these shops. Are these people really in need or just stingy? Second of all this money goes to the government – it´s like a vicious cycle. Besides that small shops are endangered, because the owners can´t compete with the “1Malaysia”- shops.

But funds of “1Malaysia!” are also given to people who are dissatisfied with the economy. I guess to keep these people silent and make them happy. Even Caesar had the idea of “bread and games for the people!” The difference is that Caesar died 44 before Christ, but obviously some politicians are using this slogan until today.

Bread and games for the people.
Bread and games for the people.


All in all you can see that the “1Malayisa!” campaign can´t be the right way to improve the economy or the stability of a country. I guess it would be more useful to fix the prices to stable the economy, which isn´t the case: Prices for goods, petrol, etc. have increased within the last years and it doesn´t look like its gonna stop soon.

Under these conditions the government shouldn´t wonder if more people are deciding to leave the country or if the crime rate is increasing.


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