Let me introduce myself…

My name is Charlotte, I was born and raised in Germany and currently I am a student. I studied “Comparative Cultural and Religious studies” as well as “Peace and Conflict Management” at Philipp´s university in Marburg (Hess) in Germany and will study “Development Studies” in South Germany very soon.

You might wonder why I am dealing with issues such as human rights or politics in Malaysia since I did not grow up and was not even born there. After my A- levels I decided to do a voluntary service in Malaysia, because my dad is Chinese-Malaysian and I wanted to get to know his culture as well as I know my mothers one, who is German.

A map of Malaysia and its federal states.
A map of Malaysia and its federal states.

Through the voluntary service (2011-2012) I got in touch  with Malaysia very well and started admiring this country. At the same time I saw many human rights violations taking place, which motivated me to engage myself in this field in the hope that change is still possible even though many people gave up hope. In 2013 I returned to Malaysia. During this time I experienced the preparations for the elections and learned more about politics and life in Malaysia.

The flag of Barisan Nasional. The photo was taken during my trip to Malaysia in 2013, shortly before the election started.
The flag of Barisan Nasional. The photo was taken during my trip to Malaysia in 2013, shortly before the election started.

During my studies I had the possibility to do an internship abroad and I took the opportunity to do mine in Malaysia to intern with a local human rights organization. I received a lot of information about politics (current and past ones), political engagement or the many human rights violations which are taking place daily – often because of freedom of expression. I also got to know really intersting, inspiring personalities and had the chance to attend political events.

I do not want to say that Germany is a role model for sticking to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but I can say that the situation in Malaysia is much worse and this makes me sad and angry because a lot of it problems are linked to a government which is ruling Malaysia since its independence (1957) and in which corruption and croynism play a huge role. I believe that human rights are universal. The Malaysian government is not the only which is not respecting human rights the slightest bit but since I am attached to this country a lot, I decided to engange in this area.

I see democracy and human rights as an achievement which is worth fighting for and which have to be protected. In the end, everything in this world- animals, environment, people of all religions and nations- are dependent on each other. Every individual which remains silent, gives a government, no matter how bad it is, more power. We´re all sharing the same destiny, so it should be the duty of every human being to fight against injustices of every kind and never give up hope, dreams and visions.






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